Lasse Gjertsen

7:06 am - Jason G. - Technology

What happens when you editing software to someone with ADD?



History of the Middle East

6:04 am - Jason G. - Politics

Here’s quick review of all the empires and territorial claims in the Middle East in the last 5000 years or so…


Nissan Pathfinder

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Now with front independent suspension



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“It is said that power corrupts, but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.”

– David Brin

A friend recently gave me a little poster that says, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Bit it rocks absolutely too.” I couldn’t agree more, but I don’t think I’ve come close to absolute power yet…



7:09 am - Jason G. - Quotes

“Everyone is a genius at least once a year. The real geniuses simply have their bright ideas closer together.”

-Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

For Shame

6:59 am - Jason G. - Politics, Rant

In recent news, Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong has asked to be recused in the Duke Lacrosse scandal… err… case. He has also retained counsel to represent him before the N.C. Bar in an investigation into prosecutorial misconduct which accuses him of making improper, inflammatory and misleading comments about the case.

Now, if Mike Nifong was innocent, he certainly wouldn’t need to retain counsel, now would he?

Of course he would retain counsel, as anyone accused of a serious crime or indiscretion would do. But, somehow Mr. Nifong made the same statement about the Lacrosse players back when the situation was first surfacing back in April of last year. A direct quote from March: “And one would wonder why one needs an attorney if one was not charged and had not done anything wrong.” (To be fair, the team members had been questioned, searched, issued subpoenas, implicitly accused of a crime, but not officially charged yet.)

Now it’s one thing for me to say that innocent people don’t need lawyers (especially since I don’t believe it), but it’s a completely different thing for a Prosecuting District Attorney to claim that the suspects that he intends to prosecute don’t need a lawyer. In fact, that’s almost the definition for prosecutorial misconduct. It’s not the D.A.’s job to get a conviction. It’s the D.A.’s job to make sure justice is done.

And it’s for that very reason that I say shame on you Mr. Nifong.

I also have to give credit to the attempts of the State Bar to investigate Mike Nifong’s errant behavior and restore confidence to the judicial system. While it would have been nice if they had acted in a more timely manner, they are at least broadcasting the message that we no longer live in that South where a District Attorney is untouchable and can prosecute whomever he wishes.



5:55 pm - Jason G. - Politics

US Army Sends Letter To Re-enlist Dead and Wounded Soldiers

The US Army mistakenly sent letters to apparently 275 soliders where they invited them to re-enlist for military services, the US military issued in a statement on Friday.

Can we say OOPS?!?!


The Top Ten Stories You Missed in 2006

8:54 am - Jason G. - Commentary

You saw the stories that dominated the headlines in 2006: the war in Iraq, North Korea’s nuclear tests, and the U.S. midterm elections. But what about the news that remained under the radar? From the Bush administration’s post-Katrina power grab to a growing arms race in Latin America to the new hackable passports, FP delivers The Top Ten Stories You Missed in 2006.

Chicka Quack Quack

12:52 am - Jason G. - Asides

What happens when you cross a hip geek (yes they exist) and a video camera? Ze Frank.

Happy New Year!

12:00 am - Jason G. - Commentary

Welcome to 2007. This year is going to be even more exciting than last year, and a lot more fun!

Whatever you chose to do tonight or in the new year, may 2007 surpass your most optimistic expectations, and may this year be the best one yet!

Happy new year! Good night, and good luck.

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