Want to be President?

6:43 am - Jason G. - Politics

Everyone and their mother wants to be president…  check out CNN’s slideshow of all 27 possible candidates — 15 Republicans and 12 Democrats.


Non-Binding Protests

10:38 am - Jason G. - Politics

Check out Friday’s The Show (with Ze Frank) for an entertaining take on the attempted non-binding resolutions in congress…

The American public is planning to vote on a non binding resolution condemning non binding resolutions. Enough with the non binding. Anyone can do that. …

The public can do non binding resolutions, we call ’em protests. And we do that to get the attention of elected officials who can do something about it. You’re elected officials and you have the power of the constitution… The President’s made it pretty clear he doesn’t give a crap about protests. …

At least make them filibuster, so we’re entertained while we wait.


Paperless Banking

6:14 am - Jason G. - Technology

Holy crap… Thanks to a service called USAA Deposit@Home, you can now deposit checks at your bank by using a scanner at home!

Of course, it’s only available to members of USAA, so the rest of the hoi polloi can suffer jealous envy.


Governor Easley…

6:12 am - Jason G. - Politics

From the Charlotte Observer…  North Carolina’s Governor Easley finally speaks up about his choice of Mike Nifong as Durham’s District Attorney:

Gov. Mike Easley said last month that picking Mike Nifong to be Durham’s district attorney was the worst appointment of his career, and he said Nifong broke his promise not to run for the office.

Easley told law students in New York that Nifong’s decision to seek office in last fall’s election almost prompted him to consider yanking Nifong from office.

“I almost un-appointed him when he decided to run,” Easley said. “I rate that as probably the poorest appointment that I’ve,” the governor trailed off before adding “I’ve made some good ones.”

Easley, a former prosecutor, was speaking at New York University Jan. 22 about public service. After the speech, someone in the audience asked him to rate Nifong’s performance in the controversial sexual assault investigation against three former Duke University lacrosse players.

The governor said Nifong had done a poor job.

“You don’t need me to tell you that,” he said.


Bloggers vs. News

6:42 am - Jason G. - Humor

From WSJ via BigPicture: