Tom Perkins’ Yacht

6:11 am - Jason G. - Quotes

 Tom Perkins (of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers fame) recently launched his new ship at a party…  the yacht was decorated with signal flags.  From Newsweek,

…in the system of international maritime signals, each flag [on the yacht] represented a letter.  Ever the paragon of capitalism, Perkins’s playful message spelled out, “Rarely does one have the privilege to witness vulgar ostentation displayed on such a scale.”


Ephram’s Solar Panels

6:35 am - Jason G. - Technology

Here’s a very interesting look at the adoption of solar power in Amish communities. While most people think the Amish avoid technology for technology’s sake, their true objective is to remain independent from mainstream society, so they can preserve their way of life.  They seem to be happy to do this with some technologies like solar paneling…



5:35 pm - Jason G. - Politics

Nifong’s done.  From the news article:

County District Attorney Mike Nifong has been found guilty by the North Carolina State Bar for a battery of ethics violations in the Duke Lacrosse case, and ordered disbarred.

…Once Nifong’s bar trial concludes, he could still face civil lawsuits from the families of indicted Duke Lacrosse players.

Joe Cheshire, an attorney for the Evans family, said that he expects “excessive civil action” against Nifong.

Good riddance.


Safari on Windows

6:42 am - Jason G. - Technology

One of the announcements coming out of Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at Apple’s WWDC this week was the fact that Safari, the web browser for Macs, is now available for windows.Why would Apple do something like this?

Maybe they felt that it was a way to introduce Windows users to the Mac world and look and feel… and maybe they would get a few more people to consider getting a Mac…

Or maybe it’s so web developers can try Safari so they know how their pages and apps will look on the iPhone…

Maybe they feel like the browser wars need another round, that there is some reason to make Microsoft and Firefox look bad…

Or maybe there’s a more subtle message being sent… That Apple can port QuickTime, iTunes, and now Safari to Windows… and maybe any code written in Cocoa could soon be built for Windows… bringing a new set of developer tools that allow people to write code that runs on both Macs and Windows.

It could be coming… though I’m not holding my breath. If that’s not the case, there should be some other, bigger goal to making Safari available on Windows (a new product launch?). It’s not like the Jobs/Apple team to release things just for the heck of it.



1:29 pm - Jason G. - Quotes

“The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.”

-Nicholas Butler


Ron Paul

6:15 am - Jason G. - Politics

As I’ve said before, Congressman Ron Paul is the man.