What Should I Listen To?

9:57 am - Jason G. - Technology

Match your music to your mood… MusicOvery.

I tried it out for a few and it’s not bad… I think Pandora has the definite advantage in this area, but I think there’s always room for competition.

What Should I Read Next?

9:56 am - Jason G. - Books, Technology

Quite literally… http://www.whatshouldireadnext.com/.

Give it a book or author you like and it will recommend other books that you may enjoy.


Daily Lit

6:56 am - Jason G. - Books, Technology

I thought this was clever… Read a book via RSS feeds… they take a book and split it up into small chunks. Then they take those chunks and put them in an RSS feed, releasing sections of the story on your preferred schedule (weekdays, every day of week, MWF are the choices right now) and the time you prefer.

They mostly have public domain books, but they do have a few recent books, such as this scifi book that is fairly recent, Eastern Standard Tribe, by Cory Doctorow (of Boing, Boing fame). The author in this case is a proponent of the open source equivalent in literature…


AVG Free

6:57 am - Jason G. - Technology

If you’re looking for reasonable anti-virus software, but don’t want to pay an annual fee for the privilege, check out AVG Free Advisor for windows.


Eye Candy + Google = Groovle

6:54 am - Jason G. - Technology

Eye Candy + Google = Groovle.

Ask.com has also had an advertising campaign showing off a “prettier” interface to search.

For my money, I want the speed of a clean interface like Google.


The Dark Night

6:46 am - Jason G. - Art

Yay! I loved how well they did Batman Begins, I’m happy to see them go for another movie.

You can see over at imdb that the main cast is back and Heath Ledger is playing the Joker.