The NY Times

12:00 am - Jason G. - Technology

From Michael DeGusta: Digital Subscription Prices Visualized (aka The New York Times Is Delusional)

Does The Times really think the mass audience is going to decide their $455/year is better spent on The Times rather than getting 20+ free articles/month from The Times plus The Wall Street Journal ($207/year) plus The Economist ($110/year) plus say The Daily ($39/year) for good measure, and still having ~$100 left over each year?



Goodbye Dillard’s

10:46 pm - Jason G. - Commentary

One of the best North Carolina Style BBQ restaurants in Durham closed today… this was our local go-to place for really good barbecue, even though it was a little inconvenient to get to. Dillard’s, you will be missed!


Screen shot 2011-03-18 at 10.43.31 PM.png

The closing got some attention… after the N&O, Herald Sun, Bull City Rising articles, apparently the lines to eat there resulted in 1+ hour waits on Thursday and Friday.



1:22 am - Jason G. - Humor, Technology

Internet cafe–
where two people go to meet
Facebook to Facebook

From ThinkGeek Haiku, Poppy from Laurel, Mississippi!