Public Tolerance

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“The public is wonderfully tolerant. It forgives everything except genius.”
– Oscar Wilde



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“I’m pretty sure I’d get tazed walking around downtown waving this thing around.”




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Now, why can’t everyone else have this much dedication to their job?

After nearly four months of keeping a secret, 73-year-old Carl Hunter of Metairie claimed the $97 million Powerball jackpot from the Jan. 16 drawing at Louisiana Lottery headquarters…

The owner of a construction company, Hunter wanted to make sure his outstanding jobs were complete before “closing up shop” to redeem his winning ticket.


Facebook and Lack of Privacy

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As if my previous comments on the topic weren’t enough…  here’s the latest reason not to use social networking sites like Facebook…  (from PhysOrg)

Turns out, even the privacy-conscious Sarah Browns of the world freely hand over personal information to perfect strangers. They do so every time they download and install what’s known as an “application,” one of thousands of mini-programs on a growing number of social networking sites that are designed by third-party developers for anything from games and sports teams to trivia quizzes and virtual gifts.

Brown, for instance, has installed applications on her Facebook page for Boston Bruins fans and another that allows her to post “bumper stickers” on her own page and those of her friends. It’s a core way to communicate on social networking sites, which allow friends to create pages about themselves and post photos and details about their lives and interests.

People often think Facebook profiles and sometimes MySpace pages, if they’re set as private, are only available to friends or specific groups, such as a university, workplace, or even a city.

But that’s not true if they use applications. On Facebook, for instance, applications can only be downloaded if a user checks a box allowing its developers to “know who I am and access my information,” which means everything on a profile, except contact info. Given little thought, agreeing to the terms has become a matter of routine for the nearly 70 million Facebook users worldwide who use applications to spruce up their pages and to flirt, play and bond with friends online.


Durham Drink Specials

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This site is impressive.


I would’ve thought "the movie star"… or"the professor"…

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“DRIGGS, Idaho – Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island,” is serving six months’ unsupervised probation after allegedly being caught with marijuana in her car.

She was sentenced Feb. 29 to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation after pleading guilty to one count of reckless driving.”

(From Yahoo)

Incidentally, for those keeping score, Driggs, Idaho is approximately 120 miles from Preston, Idaho, the location for the movie Napoleon Dynamite. It also happens to be 100 miles (or so) from where I grew up.


Jamon Iberico

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This just in… jamon iberico is now available to be imported…  See Marc Fleury’s blog for the scoop.

At $70/pound it certainly is a bit steep, but I have to admit that the last time I ate any, it was simply fantastic.  It’s a good thing friends are willing to smuggle things like this back from Espana.



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Great potato chips, available for online order…



Keep it separate…

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For all you compulsive bloggers out there…

If anyone is paying attention to how infrequently I post, I obviously don’t have this problem…

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