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When Sarah Palin was picked as the GOP VP candidate, there was plenty of hay that was made about how the Democrats will have to bite their tongue’s in declaring her without experience… otherwise the same criticism would apply to Obama as well…

I call BS… the democrats don’t have to say anything. They just have to point out that the Republicans have already tarnished her lack of experience with their own words.

A little modesty would help greatly in this context… Imagine Biden saying in his abrasive way, “Well, I don’t have anything against Sara Palin’s experience, but have you heard what the Republicans say about someone with as little experience as her? Seems a bit hypocritical to me…”



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From one of my favorites: Doonesbury.


The Most Admired Journalist in America

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From the NY Times:

When Americans were asked in a 2007 poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press to name the journalist they most admired, Mr. Stewart, the fake news anchor, came in at No. 4, tied with the real news anchors Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw of NBC, Dan Rather of CBS and Anderson Cooper of CNN. And a study this year from the center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism concluded that “ ‘The Daily Show’ is clearly impacting American dialogue” and “getting people to think critically about the public square.”

And the headline is priceless…

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Who invades us will be killed!

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We’ve seen quite a few interesting things from China’s government and the Olympic planning committee, but this one is not too surprising…

From MaoXian:

It’s worth noting that the “Hymn to the Motherland” sung (er, lip-synched) at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics was abbreviated, in part cutting out this key stanza:

The sun is rising in the East,
The People’s Republic is growing up,
Our leader Mao Zedong,
Is leading us forward.
Our life is getting better every day,
Our future is forever bright.

This line was also not included:

Who invades us will be killed!

If anyone can improve on my rough translation, please leave a comment and I’ll update the post later.

Russian Cyber Warfare

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From Stratfor

The Georgian news Web site Civil.ge claims that it is “under permanent DDOS attack,” referring to a distributed denial of service attack that attempts to overwhelm a server’s capacity. After assistance from Google and Estonian computer security experts, it is now being hosted temporarily on a Blogspot account.

While Cyber Warfare is not a new concept, this sounds like the first time switching your government’s website to Blogspot was the strategic response…


Pedia Crazy

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In addition to the rather famous Wikipedia, there are others in the -pedia space…  my favorites are Dealipedia and Congresspedia.

Dealipedia breaks down who made what on a given business deal…  for example, who made money when CBS bought Last.fm.

Congresspedia brings crowd-sourcing to political watchdogging…  read or contribute to what your local congressperson has been up to.


The Duty of Patriots

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Oh, how often we forget…

“It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.”

—Thomas Paine


Yes We Can

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While I can’t say much about his policies, some of Obama’s supporters can certainly put together a moving video…


Super Dooper Tuesday…

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