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  • The Matrix Revolutions
    Don't read metaphors as facts. It's bad for you.

  • Wiki Pedia
    This is an encyclopedia built off of people's contributions. The end result is quite useful -- it is one of the best places to go to get a definition or learn some basic background on a topic.

  • Tax Freedom Day
    Tax Freedom Day isn't a day without income tax, instead it is the point in the year when you've earned enough income to pay your income tax burden for the year. This year: April 17.

  • Welcome to jcg3.org/v3. This is my old homepage (in case you couldn't tell). I upgraded to the current website in mid-2006.

    What is jcg3, you ask intelligently? Jcg3 was the login for the computer systems where I went to school, but so much more... I got this vanity domain to carry on the legacy.

    • In case you haven't heard, I got married and bought a house. I'm getting domesticated.
    • Random pictures from my old cell phone.
    • Contact me...
    • My Links are continually growing. The links in the left panel are from the link section. I continually add links as I find interesting things on the internet...
    • I run a small company.
    • Check out my neighbors in meatspace:

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