E t h i c s & t h e I n t e r n e t

Why the different location?

I have this page as an alternative to the recommended location for such pages on campus community's webiste.

I chose to use this website and web style rather than campus community's for a couple reasons.

  • Consistent style. I can model these pages after my own sense of style, rather than conforming to how campus community decides to do their stuff.

  • Control. I am a control freak. I also like to know that I have complete and total control on the specific content of my pages, the ability to change it at will, etc.

  • Speed. I found the campus community's website to be a very tiny bit slow. I tend to make small changes and want to see the change in place... this sort of behavior tends to amplify the annoyance of waiting an extra second or two.

  • Simplicity. Call me a nut job, but I hate it when a page is so deeply embedded with tables and complex orientation that it takes a couple seconds to render within a browser. I actually timed this page, and it took three seconds for netscape to sort it out-- not to mention download time.

  • Personal stubbornness. I know how to write html by hand, and most anything I write that goes online was edited in pico (a rudimentary text editor). I'm sure the campus community's web-page creating system is quite nice, and allows for a lot of versatility, but that's something more that I would need to learn that I'm not too interested in. I'm a power user in web design, and the way I know it works just fine for me.

  • Etc. There's probably a few more things that made me go this route, but either I'm too embarrassed by the foolishness of the reason, or I'm too blind to notice it...

    I figure, the content is still here, and it'll still be available as easily and readily as before...

  • JCG
    Wed Apr 21 23:57:21 EDT 1999