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The Matrix Revolutions

  • Don't read metaphors as facts. It's bad for you.


Wiki Pedia

  • This is an encyclopedia built off of people's contributions. The end result is quite useful -- it is one of the best places to go to get a definition or learn some basic background on a topic.


Tax Freedom Day

  • Tax Freedom Day isn't a day without income tax, instead it is the point in the year when you've earned enough income to pay your income tax burden for the year. This year: April 17.


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • I came across this one recently... I hope they do the book(s) justice as the original five part trilogy was brilliant in its quirks.


Live in Denial

  • Make your pc look and feel like a Mac. Although, I have to wonder, with all these gui enhancements, would it slow down your pc to run as slow as a mac?


Tweak Firefox

  • Here are a bunch of ways to tweak Firefox including changing the default location of your bookmarks file.


The Panama Canal

  • We just went through the Panama Canal... A very enjoyable experience, especially if you're the least bit geeky and are impressed with large engineering projects...


The Anti-Bush Parade

  • Here's lots of quicktime picking on the president and his ineloquent moments. Both the left and the right are getting more bitter and vicious...


Electoral Vote

  • This incredibly well maintained site keeps track of all the latest poll data in each state to track the projected outcome of the electoral college.


Presidential Futures

  • Check out a futures market for the current presidential race... The primary purpose of a futres market is to provide price discovery and hedge risk. Who's hedging what risk, and how well can they do that with a $500 maximum?


Pop The Cap

  • Here's a group that is trying to raise the 6% alcohol by volume cap on beer in NC. The cap is also in place in South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi.


The Misanthrope

  • There once was a mall that turned into a museum. Then it turned one of it's stores into a theater... sounds like one unique mall...


This land is my land...

  • JibJab brings you a hilarious political (and bi-partisan) song making fun of both Kerry and Bush.
John Kerry is a Douche Bag
  • The name of the website says it all... I'm enjoying the sentence-as-a-domain-name mentality that is starting to propoagate out there...


Google It

  • A modern variation on the old RTFM for the web-friendly world. Google's pretty damn good, but sometimes you have to dig a little deeper...
GMail Hacks
  • How long untill O'Reilly makes a book out of stuff like this?


Electoral Map

  • Sure, John Edwards is out of the race, but the electoral map on his site is just plain cool. You can play around with the idea of states flipping from red to blue (or vice versa) and see how it changes the electoral college.


Spontaneous Combustion

  • Here's an interesting story about a small town in Italy where appliances are spontaneously combusing. My solution? Get rid of small towns in Italy.


Media Election

  • Here's an overview of the tv spots offered up by both camps in the presidential race. Includes links to videos of all the ads that have run so far.



  • Want the flexibility and speed of writing a perl script and all the Java stuff you're used to in one program? Groovy is an "agile" programming language to do just that.

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