You Send It

9:23 pm - Jason G. - Technology

I’m pretty impressed with You Send It, a web based way to send big files to people.   Their basic service is free, and quite handy.


Backup Software

3:53 pm - Jason G. - Technology

I’ve been pretty happy with mozy as an intermediate backup solution.  It gives me automatic backups in the background to an offsite, secure location.

Basically I have mozy running a backup of my Outlook and Firefox profile — stuff that changes every day.  Then on the weekends I back everything up to a USB hard drive at home.

You get 2gb for free, or an unlimited amount of storage if you sign up for a $6/mo plan.

Use this link, and we both get a nice little 256mb bump in our quotas if you sign up for the free account:


Yes We Can

8:26 am - Jason G. - Art, Politics

While I can’t say much about his policies, some of Obama’s supporters can certainly put together a moving video…


Paging Dr. Evil

8:38 am - Jason G. - Humor

Apparently Dr. Evil ain’t got nothin’ on Rupert Murdoch’s new WSJ:


That’s right, sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.



8:52 am - Jason G. - Commentary



Super Dooper Tuesday…

3:25 pm - Jason G. - Politics, Technology


2:38 pm - Jason G. - Commentary

Great potato chips, available for online order…



Faux Green

10:55 pm - Jason G. - Politics


TechCrunch has a very good rant up on the pretentiousness of being green. “Please don’t print this e-mail unless you really need to”?

…or even better, stop eating meat. Raising livestock causes more greenhouse gasses in the U.S. than all transportation combined (and, I bet, all email printing combined). So put down that hamburger and get out of my inbox.

Here here. I can rest comfortably knowing that my SUV is offset by eating less red meat. 🙂