It’s Over

12:16 am - Jason G. - Politics

Congratulations, you can now go on with your collective lives.

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Picture 1.png

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It’s worth watching to see which way the last few Senators fall… “Under the rather curious rules of the US Senate, 41 Senators (out of 100) can block any given legislation…” (Mauldin) My money is on at least Georgia or Minnesota keeping a Republican in their Senate seats, so there will likely still be the ability to block a super-majority.


Tall Guys

10:11 pm - Jason G. - Humor

To all my tall guys out there…

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9:40 pm - Jason G. - Quotes

All I want to know is where I’m going to die so I’ll never go there.

-Charles Munger

Electoral Map

11:17 am - Jason G. - Politics

Here is a map of the states sized according to the number of electoral votes each state has…


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