Happy New Year

11:59 pm - Jason G. - Commentary

Happy New Year to Everyone, and here’s hoping for a wonderful 2010!

As everyone seems to be wishing 2009 a good riddance, I have to say 2009 was my best year yet.





iPhone in iPhone

7:01 pm - Jason G. - Technology

How incredibly meta… (video 1:11)

The scoop… A promotional augmented reality app by Ogmento. Developed to promote the iPhone launch by Orange Telecom Israel. Point your iphone to an Orange logo and watch a virtual iPhone appears hovering over the logo. Use finger gestures to turn the iphone around, zoom in or out…

Via 9to5Mac.


Merry F*ng Christmas

8:51 pm - Jason G. - Humor

Too funny… Jack Bauer interrogates Santa Claus.

Thanks Corey for the link.


Software License

6:48 pm - Jason G. - Technology

This is an interesting software license restriction on a software library called ExtJS…

ExtTLD is published under GPL 3.0 license however restricts use by companies participating in animal abuse, such as animal testing laboratories etc. For more information see our Terms of use.

The software has absolutely nothing to do with animal testing, but the project founder feels strongly about the subject and added the restrictions to exert whatever influence he can on animal abuse. Not a bad way to uphold your own morals.