I Love the Whole World…

2:24 pm - Jason G. - Art

via Paul.


Go Duke!

11:21 am - Jason G. - Commentary

2010 NCAA Basketball National Champions… and the students celebrated with bonfires. Woohoo!



Pictures from Brad Worsham… thanks for sharing!


The Real Fool

10:40 pm - Jason G. - Asides

Did you know?

April Fool is the codename for a spy and double agent who allegedly played a key role in the downfall of the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. – Wikipedia


Geek Humor

2:06 pm - Jason G. - Humor, Technology

Programmer Humor at its lowest… and quite funny.


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Plate Tectonics

9:48 pm - Jason G. - Technology

An interesting view of what the tectonic plates look like. The Nazca plate is the one that caused all the trouble in Chile…


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From DRB. Also on DRB’s page is what things should look like in 50, 150, and 250 million more years after expected tectonic movement.



Flight Aware

7:57 pm - Jason G. - Technology

File this in the category, “stuff I’d like to find later”…


The FlightAware.com web site provides free flight tracking of private and commercial flights as well as airport activity, flight and airport maps with weather, and aviation statistics for airports in the United States.

Users can also search by airline flight number or the aircraft’s registration if it is a non-commercial flight, or select a flight from an airport’s status page. Information provided includes:

  • Proposed departure and arrival times
  • Actual departure and arrival times
  • Proposed and actual altitude
  • Proposed and actual airspeed
  • Four month history of that flight or aircraft
  • Time elapsed and time remaining
  • Filed Route

Details from the Wikipedia entry.


The Mariana Trench – To Scale

1:18 pm - Jason G. - Technology


Click to zoom-in… originally from here.



5:13 pm - Jason G. - Humor

The shocking details began to emerge late yesterday afternoon, at a time when the importance of an already-fragile consumer confidence simply cannot be overstated. “Pinotpocalypse,” as some commentators… have taken to calling it, may well be remembered as the single greatest scandal to rock the wine-drinking community this year.

For anyone still unaware of the details of the situation, here’s a brief rundown on what’s known thus far:

A French court yesterday found twelve industry figures guilty of exporting inferior quality wine to the United States fraudulently under the Pinot Noir label. It is believed some 18 million bottles of sub-palatable plonk found their way onto US dining tables before the ruse was uncovered. The unnamed shysters, who pocketed millions carrying out their heinous act, were handed suspended sentences and fines ranging from 3,000 to 18,000 rapidly-depreciating euros.

At the time of writing, the questionable batch appears to be confined to E&G Gallo’s “Red Bicyclette” label, although it is difficult at this early juncture to fully assess the extent of the damage. Until further information becomes available, your editor has taken the precautionary measure of switching to Australian Shiraz and Argentinean Malbec only. We suggest you employ a similarly protective strategy.

From Daily Reckoning.


PSA as Art

10:06 pm - Jason G. - Art


Information Wants to Be Free

7:20 pm - Jason G. - Politics, Technology

Stewart Brand was the person who originally coined the phrase “information wants to be free”, but apparently, his original quote was actually about the paradox of the value of information…

On the one hand information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable. The right information in the right place just changes your life. On the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower and lower all the time. So you have these two fighting against each other.

As told in Chris Anderson’s book Free.

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