Hezbollah Fighting from Suburbs

Posted in Rant at 2:42 pm by Jason G.

Take a look at this article by the Australian Herald Sun (found at digg.com). Hezbollah is fighting their side of the war from the suburbs. All the outcry about the war should keep this in mind — Hezbollah doesn’t care about making targets out of civilians on their own side. They want the Israelis to strike at them and then cry out in the international media about how Israel is attacking civilian areas.

This is yet another reminder that Hezbollah is in fact a terrorist organization. Israel is not at war with Lebanon, they’re at war with the terrorists who are occupying Lebanon. As such, I certainly understand why they feel the need to fight them. Is it justified? I’m not sure, but we do need to remember that Hezbollah embodies a culture of violence and has very little values for human life (on their side or on their enemies’ side).