Easy Productivity Gains

Posted in Technology at 7:50 am by Jason G.

Many people skimp on the wrong things… here is my list of must-have items that are worth the extra cost, and since the cost is dollars and not time, I consider them low-hanging fruit.

  • 9-cell battery for laptop (or whatever longer-charge battery is available)
  • Extra power adapters around your office or house
  • Wireless network – either Wifi or cell based
  • Re-chargable wireless mouse (I recommend the Logitech MX 1000 Laser)
  • Docking station (if you have more than 1 peripheral device)
  • A big, uncluttered desk

If you’re a big traveller, I recommend getting multiple batteries and a multi-battery charger. Also, don’t forget to pack the charger and power adapters in your luggage rather than lugging it around in your laptop bag.