Window of Opportunity

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I just read the latest free commentary from Stratfor

Iraq and Afghanistan have absorbed a large percentage of U.S. ground combat capability, limiting U.S. military options elsewhere. An internal political crisis has further limited the Bush administration’s options. With the outcome of the November midterm elections uncertain, outside powers have a window of opportunity in which to take risks…

The Russians are not concerned about U.S. responses to their behavior [in Georgia]; they see themselves as having a degree of freedom of action that they lacked when the United States was in a stronger position.

…the military reality on the ground in Iraq severely constrains U.S. options around the world. That, in turn, constrains U.S. diplomacy. Diplomacy without even the distant possibility of military action is impotent…

The Americans either must dramatically increase the capability of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps or else decrease their commitment in Iraq. If the United States does neither, its ability to control and influence events in other regions will decline, even if the internal political crisis is resolved.

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