USB: Apple vs. Palm

Posted in Technology at 11:03 pm by Jason G.

My thoughts on the USB kerfuffle between Apple and Palm…

Palm is right — the USB specification is designed for interoperability of devices over a USB connection.

The problem is, the restrictions that Apple has put in place aren’t with the USB connection or device identification, the restrictions are with the software running on the desktop (iTunes). There is no restriction in the USB specification that all desktop software has to play well with any USB device.

The goal of the specification in this respect is to provide those who develop desktop software and want it to work with all comparable devices can do so by using the device interoperability. There are no requirements for those who do not want their desktop software to work with compatible devices.

It’s a shame though, as I’m sure consumers (Palm Pre owners) would benefit from using iTunes. But I also understand Apple’s use of this as a strategic business decision…