Ambiguity and Changing Behavior

11:45 pm - Jason G. - Business

201103251741.jpgFrom Switch, by Dan and Chip Heath:

Ambiguity is the enemy. Any successful change requires a translation of ambiguous goals into concrete behaviors. In short, to make a switch, you need to script the critical moves.

(I got this quote from the Kindle most popular highlights for the book.)


PayPal Mafia

3:21 pm - Jason G. - Business, Technology

There’s a good article on CNN’s Money about the PayPal “Mafia”… those entrepreneurial folks who all shared time at PayPal before the big buyout… one of the choice quotes from the article:

“You didn’t measure where you were in the organization by how many people you’re managing,” he says. Prestige was measured “by how few people there were above you who could prevent you from doing what you wanted to do.”


Best States for Business

6:09 am - Jason G. - Business

NC came in 3rd in the Forbes list of Best States for Business.

Virginia and Utah were #1, #2, while Louisiana and West Virginia are at the end of the list…