Kaua’i by Helicopter

9:40 am - Jason G. - Art

Michael Yuan took a helicopter tour of Kaua’i and put a slide show of it online…

Also available in HD. (It’s a bit slower…)

Keep it separate…

9:13 am - Jason G. - Commentary

For all you compulsive bloggers out there…

If anyone is paying attention to how infrequently I post, I obviously don’t have this problem…

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Here comes another bubble…

9:18 am - Jason G. - Humor, Technology


The Dark Night Knight…

11:46 pm - Jason G. - Art




2:41 pm - Jason G. - Quotes

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Multi-Headed Wallpapers

11:23 am - Jason G. - Art, Technology

Here’s a decent site for wallpapers for multi-headed displays…




8:51 pm - Jason G. - Commentary

PayPal Mafia

3:21 pm - Jason G. - Business, Technology

There’s a good article on CNN’s Money about the PayPal “Mafia”… those entrepreneurial folks who all shared time at PayPal before the big buyout… one of the choice quotes from the article:

“You didn’t measure where you were in the organization by how many people you’re managing,” he says. Prestige was measured “by how few people there were above you who could prevent you from doing what you wanted to do.”


Farecast Your Flight

8:32 pm - Jason G. - Commentary

This is pretty cool… Farecast has analyzed all the data for flights to help you figure out what day of the month is the least expensive to travel on… For example, here is the expected cost of a flight based on what day you want to travel…


Flight Wait

12:30 am - Jason G. - Technology

This is a nice little website to see how late flights are running… Flight Wait.

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