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As Wally says, sadness is just another word for “not enough coffee”… Yet sometimes you can have too much. Here’s a favorite except of mine…

“As I sat with a jug of Jahavan coffe, each molecule of which is
programmed to pelt round the body kicking the shit out of any alcohol
molecules it finds. I considered where to go from here…

By the time I finished the jug I was completely sober. More sober than I
wanted to be, in fact: I’d drunk to much coffee and was now too far in
the black, sobriety-wise. It made me notice things like … { insert
introspective thinking } … See what I mean? Foolish, unhelpful
thoughts. I took a look at the packet of Jahavan and saw I’d picked up
Extra Strength by mistake. ‘Warning’, it said in the blurb. ‘Anyone
except alcoholics may find themselves experiencing foolish and unhelpful

… I went into the kitchen and threw the coffee away. I don’t need that
kind of shit from a beverage.”

-Only Forward, Michael Marshall Smith


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